Annabelle is a Brujah student and a member of the coterie. She is played by Erika Ishii.

Until very recently, Annabelle was an otherwise normal college student studying Political Science at Griffith College in Los Angeles. She was an active member of various political and protest groups within the college and is still well respected by many of her peers in spite of her recent absence. After her embrace and welcoming in to the coterie, Annabelle is left balancing what remains of her mortal life with the tradition-steeped responsibilities that that come with being a creature of the night.

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Annabelle is known to wear a red leather jacket, favouring casual clothing over the more elaborate styles preferred by some members of the coterie.

Personality Edit

In spite of the jaded attitudes many of the kindred share, Annabelle is a source of positivity and hope amongst the coterie.

In life Annabelle had very strong personal convictions - an aspect of her personality that seems to only have strengthened in recent nights. Annabelle openly opposes corruption by people in power, and has criticized and expressed disgust at many of the kindred traditions she has so far witnessed. As a part of these convictions Annabelle is a consensualist, and as such refuses to drink the blood of mortals without their prior consent.

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Notable Affiliations Edit

  • Affluent member of the Griffith college protest group
  • The Valkyries

Abilities Edit

As a Brujah Annabelle possesses both strength and agility surpassing that of any mortal. In addition, she also possesses the ability to turn heads in an instant with the Presence discipline, attracting the attention of nearby mortals and kindred alike.

Celerity Edit

  • Cat's Grace
  • Rapid Reflexes

Potence Edit

  • Lethal Body
  • Soaring Leap
  • Prowess
  • Spark of Rage

Fortitude Edit

  • Unswayable Mind

Presence Edit

  • Awe
  • Daunt
  • Entrancement
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