Eva is a Tremere who resides at the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. She is played by Josephine McAdam.

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Eva is incredibly pale with long white hair, she's rarely seen without something floral.

Personality Edit

Eva has an airiness to her and is very secretive, but willing to help and exchange boons. She seems to be very kind.

She prefers to feed on those under the influence of drugs of a kind, most likely pain-killers.

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Notable Items Edit

  • Silver knife
  • Silver cup
  • Silver Cauldron (circa 1960s)

Abilities Edit

Auspex Edit

  • Heightened Senses
  • Sense the Unseen
  • Scry the Soul

Blood Sorcery Edit

  • Taste of Blood
  • Movement of the Mind
  • Blood of Potency
  • Zeus' Fury

Rituals Edit

  • Blood Walk
  • Truth of Blood
  • Ward Against Ghouls
  • Truth of Blood
  • Ward Against Spirits
  • Essence of Air
  • Ward Against Lupines (implied)
  • Warding Circle Against Spirits

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