Nelli Griffith (Also known as Nelli G) is a Toreador fashion designer, prominent social media influencer and a member of the coterie. She is played by Cynthia Marie.

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Nelli has an elaborate and fashionable dress sense, almost exclusively wearing pieces of her own design if not those from other contemporary designers. Sharing Victor's affinity for the color black, many of her clothes match this style, though are contrasted by the shades of red and opulent jewelry that sits around her neck, on her fingers, and occasionally on her head. She also has an affinity for spiders, marked by a spider brooch and her use of the insects in her rituals.

Nelli also has a tendency to vogue when moving, even during high-pressure circumstances.

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Notable Items Edit

  • Finger Claw
  • Ornate Stiletto Dagger (Given to Nelli G by Baron Abrams at the Maharaja)

Abilities Edit

As a Toreador Nelli can command both supernatural allure and repulsion, though she prefers the former. In addition, her senses and finesse are enhanced beyond the capabilities of any mortal, which she often uses to seek out threats masked by supernatural means.

Due to a deal made by Baron Abrams, Nelli G also has access to the Blood Sorcery - a discipline usually exclusive to clan Tremere.

Nelli is a "Descendant of Helena," which has granted her the ability "Divine Purity" which allows her to look completely innocent even while committing the worst of sins.

Auspex Edit

  • Heightened Senses
  • Sense the Unseen

Celerity Edit

  • Rapid Reflexes
  • Fleetness
  • Blink

Presence Edit

  • Awe
  • Lingering Kiss
  • Entrancement

Blood Sorcery Edit

  • Corrosive Vitae
  • Extinguish Vitae

Rituals Edit

  • Clinging of the Insect
  • Craft Bloodstone
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